Vernise Cardilo

Retreat Operations

Vee hails from New York but considers herself a citizen of the world. Her fascination with exploring diverse cultures and connecting with nature’s spirit traces back to her childhood when she gazed at airplanes in the sky. As soon as she was old enough, Vee embarked on solo travels to destinations across the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. During her decade-long career in the television industry, she had the opportunity to traverse various parts of the United States.

Now, Vee has transformed her lifelong passions into a purposeful venture through her travel brand, Exist To Experience LLC. In this capacity, she meticulously curates and hosts group trips to energy centers worldwide, crafting itineraries that encompass adventure, culture, zen, healing spiritual experiences, and encounters with plant medicine. Vee firmly believes that engaging in a retreat experience immerses individuals in the present moment, fostering self-awareness amidst beauty and nature, ultimately serving as a catalyst for healing.

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