Charles Lazarus

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Lazarus boasts over 16 years of extensive expertise in psilocybin and cannabis, focusing on genetic development, cultivation, extraction, and operations logistics. Notably, he recently achieved a milestone by cultivating and delivering the largest legal shipment of premium psilocybin globally.

As an accomplished owner/operator, Mr. Lazarus has successfully managed multiple farming and harvesting businesses, earning commendations for his unwavering commitment to quality and impressive output volumes. Since 2015, he has been actively involved in producing proprietary psilocybin genetics and cultivation solutions tailored for the Jamaican market and large research and development clients.

His contributions span various aspects, including genetic development, cultivation, extraction, harvest, and logistics. Additionally, Mr. Lazarus owned and operated Island Fresh Ltd., a venture that played a pivotal role in exporting fresh fruit, ground provisions, and promoting brand Jamaica to the English market. Under his leadership, Island Fresh Ltd. achieved the highest volume from Jamaica for three consecutive years.

Mr. Lazarus’s extensive experience also includes serving as the Harvest Manager for cannabis grow operations in California from 2013 to 2017, further solidifying his comprehensive knowledge in the cannabis industry.

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