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The Team

Chief Executive Officer

Charles Lazarus

Mr. Lazarus boasts over 16 years of extensive expertise in psilocybin and cannabis, focusing on genetic development, cultivation, extraction, and operations logistics. Notably, he recently achieved a milestone by cultivating and delivering the largest legal shipment of premium psilocybin globally.

As an accomplished owner/operator, Mr. Lazarus has successfully managed multiple farming and harvesting businesses, earning commendations for his unwavering commitment to quality and impressive output volumes. Since 2015, he has been actively involved in producing proprietary psilocybin genetics and cultivation solutions tailored for the Jamaican market and large research and development clients.

His contributions span various aspects, including genetic development, cultivation, extraction, harvest, and logistics. Additionally, Mr. Lazarus owned and operated Island Fresh Ltd., a venture that played a pivotal role in exporting fresh fruit, ground provisions, and promoting brand Jamaica to the English market. Under his leadership, Island Fresh Ltd. achieved the highest volume from Jamaica for three consecutive years.

Mr. Lazarus’s extensive experience also includes serving as the Harvest Manager for cannabis grow operations in California from 2013 to 2017, further solidifying his comprehensive knowledge in the cannabis industry.

Chief Investment Officer

Adam Goodman

Adam is a seasoned entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in spearheading real estate development and management endeavors. His focus primarily lies in land development, where he orchestrates the intricate tapestry of planning and zoning entitlements, while meticulously overseeing all facets of engineering and architectural design, leasing, construction, and financing.

With a national reach spanning 23 states and encompassing over 250 properties, totaling more than 6 million square feet, Adam’s proficiency in navigating the complexities of the industry is evident.

Beyond real estate, Adam’s endeavors extend into the realm of alternative investments, boasting successful ventures in healthcare, professional sports franchises, financial services, diverse agricultural platforms, and the stewardship of local restaurants.

Training Officer

Carla Kieffer

Carla is an IFS Trained Certified Psychedelic Facilitator, Educator, and Advisor that believes in leveraging the powers of psychedelics and integration to support individuals in living a purpose driven and joyful life.

Chief Operating Officer

Domenic Suppa

Domenic is co-founder and the Operations Chief of Rose Hill Health Holdings. He has been working as a Cannabis technology and operations veteran with more than 11 years’ experience as a senior executive in an operationally complex, and highly regulated industry. His introduction and entrance into the Cannabis sector started in 2010 with a seed investment into a Denver-based vertically integrated cannabis company called, Evolab. He served as C.O.O. for 5 years from 2013-2018, through the eventual acquisition by Harvest Health and Recreation (HARV: CSE).

Domenic moved on to be acting COO of the manufacturing division for Supreme Cannabis (CSE: FIRE) and supported the acquisition of BLISSCO (CSE: BLISS, a BC-based cannabis manufacturer). Domenic has worked with high-profile national cannabis brands including KKE, and Monogram, and retail brands in MA Native Sun, Terps, and Tilt. Domenic is a proven leader and team builder; his previous experiences have all been with early-stage and growth equity enterprises. He has refined and evolved his leadership roles, including his team-building skills. He is a value creator. Domenic is a firm believer in training and continuous development. He excels in employing practices, tools, and methodologies designed to achieve maximum process efficiency while minimizing waste and delays.

Distribution Manager

Sarah Sinclair

Sarah Sinclair boasts a rich tapestry of experience in sales, client relationships, and administration. With a career marked by excellence, Sarah has cultivated key positive relationships within both the corporate and social spheres on the island. Her adept navigation of the intricacies of corporate governance sets her apart as a valuable asset. Through her strategic acumen, Sarah has consistently elevated sales initiatives, fostering growth and sustainable partnerships. Her commitment to client relationships extends beyond transactions, establishing enduring connections that contribute to her professional success. With a proven track record, Sarah Sinclair is a dynamic force, bringing a wealth of expertise to the intersection of business and client engagement in the vibrant Jamaican business landscape.
Scientific Advisor

Rotem Petranker

Rotem Petranker is a psychedelics researcher with a particular emphasis on microdosing, therapy, research methods and research ethics.

As part of my research, I have gained extensive expertise in navigating the regulatory landscapes of Health Canada and the FDA and a strong background in designing rigorous clinical trial research methodologies. I founded the Canadian Centre for Psychedelic Science in 2018, established the Psychedelic Science Research Program at the University of Toronto in 2019, and, more recently, played a central role in founding the International Consortium for Psychedelic Research Centers. I have published many papers on microdosing, including some of the largest samples in the literature (e.g.,Petranker et al., 2020). I am currently running the first clinical trial examining the impact of microdosing psilocybin on Major Depressive Disorder.

Chief Marketing Officer

Kevin Bourke

Mr. Bourke is a co-founder of Rose Hill and he brings over two decades of extensive experience as a sales and marketing executive and strategic planner. Throughout his career, he has successfully crafted and overseen the management of several distinguished Jamaican brands on a global scale. Notable among these are Appleton Estate Rum, Chris Blackwell’s Rum, and the establishment of Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Records, along with his contributions to Fiction and TmrwTday Wellness Festivals.

With a proven track record, Mr. Bourke has demonstrated his ability to connect with audiences worldwide, establishing these brands as iconic representations of Jamaican excellence.

In addition to his achievements, Mr. Bourke is highly regarded for his extensive network within Jamaica. Committed to advancing the psilocybin industry at all levels, he places a strong emphasis on preserving the integrity of the core product and ensuring the satisfaction of its customers. His dedication reflects not only in his professional accomplishments but also in his vision for the continued growth and success of the psilocybin industry under his guidance.

Retreat Operations

Vernise Cardilo

Vee hails from New York but considers herself a citizen of the world. Her fascination with exploring diverse cultures and connecting with nature’s spirit traces back to her childhood when she gazed at airplanes in the sky. As soon as she was old enough, Vee embarked on solo travels to destinations across the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. During her decade-long career in the television industry, she had the opportunity to traverse various parts of the United States.

Now, Vee has transformed her lifelong passions into a purposeful venture through her travel brand, Exist To Experience LLC. In this capacity, she meticulously curates and hosts group trips to energy centers worldwide, crafting itineraries that encompass adventure, culture, zen, healing spiritual experiences, and encounters with plant medicine. Vee firmly believes that engaging in a retreat experience immerses

Director of Mycology

Damein Pack

With over 25 years of unwavering commitment to mycology, Damein Pack stands as a luminary in various facets of the field. His profound expertise spans cultivation, bioremediation, myco restoration, entheomycology, entheobotany, education, mycomedicinals, mycoforestry, mycopesticides, sustainable agriculture, soil microbiology, and wild foraging, showcasing a diverse skill set that extends to culinary applications.

As a pivotal figure at Fungi Perfecti alongside the renowned Paul Stamets, Damein served as a room manager, lead instructor, and production manager. His contributions to research and development, coupled with a substantial role in crafting Stamets’ seminal work, “Mycelium Running,” underscore his integral role in advancing mycological knowledge.

Damein’s wealth of experience extends to organizing the International Medicinal Mushroom Conference in 2005, a testament to his leadership and event management skills. Working closely with Paul Stamets granted him exposure to the foremost minds in mycology and psychedelic science.

An unparalleled cultivator, Damein has successfully grown an extensive array of mushroom species, making significant contributions to the innovation of cultivation techniques. His consultative role for nutraceutical companies, neurotropic health products, and various mushroom farms reflects his influence in diverse sectors.

Damein’s proficiency in sterile tissue culture, laboratory settings, and bulk materials showcases his adaptability and innovation. Beyond his mycological prowess, his extensive experience in psychedelics, including large-scale cubensis production, positions him as a seasoned professional in the realm.

Notably, Damein’s impact extends beyond the laboratory; he has propagated numerous wild patches of wood-loving psilocybes across the Northwest and Turtle Island, marking his commitment to the broader ecological impact of mycology.