Damein Pack

Director of Mycology

With over 25 years of unwavering commitment to mycology, Damein Pack stands as a luminary in various facets of the field. His profound expertise spans cultivation, bioremediation, myco restoration, entheomycology, entheobotany, education, mycomedicinals, mycoforestry, mycopesticides, sustainable agriculture, soil microbiology, and wild foraging, showcasing a diverse skill set that extends to culinary applications.

As a pivotal figure at Fungi Perfecti alongside the renowned Paul Stamets, Damein served as a room manager, lead instructor, and production manager. His contributions to research and development, coupled with a substantial role in crafting Stamets’ seminal work, “Mycelium Running,” underscore his integral role in advancing mycological knowledge.

Damein’s wealth of experience extends to organizing the International Medicinal Mushroom Conference in 2005, a testament to his leadership and event management skills. Working closely with Paul Stamets granted him exposure to the foremost minds in mycology and psychedelic science.

An unparalleled cultivator, Damein has successfully grown an extensive array of mushroom species, making significant contributions to the innovation of cultivation techniques. His consultative role for nutraceutical companies, neurotropic health products, and various mushroom farms reflects his influence in diverse sectors.

Damein’s proficiency in sterile tissue culture, laboratory settings, and bulk materials showcases his adaptability and innovation. Beyond his mycological prowess, his extensive experience in psychedelics, including large-scale cubensis production, positions him as a seasoned professional in the realm.

Notably, Damein’s impact extends beyond the laboratory; he has propagated numerous wild patches of wood-loving psilocybes across the Northwest and Turtle Island, marking his commitment to the broader ecological impact of mycology

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